Jakarta Boarding House

Our service is to provide a room for rent to anyone who needs a place to stay in Jakarta, Indonesia. Prices are very affordable for students and workers, and the payment system are monthly. We have 7 years of experience both in the field of construction and rental management, and our buildings have been adapted to the needs of our customers. Avalon Residence has several locations in Jakarta, all of which are surrounded by the needs of the customer.  If you really need help to live in Jakarta and you do not have a clue where to start or what to do, we are happy to assist you.


Save Time & Money

Yes, Jakarta is one of the city that has the worst traffic
in the world getting to work will get you hours by transport especially on Sudirman Street. All of that will be solve by staying near your office right ?

“Our location is near shopping center all you have to do is walk for 5 minutes. You as shopping lover will got head start on Night Sales”

Enjoy & Remember Great Times With Us

Good Times are really hard to come by lately, but we are sure you will have a great time with us.
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Food Lover Paradise

There are a lot of food stall to fine dining restaurant which offer variety of cuisine on every Avalon location, so food lover like you will have a good time.